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Air Compressor Puma
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Air Compressor Puma

Air compressor (air compressor) is a machine or mechanical device that serves to increase pressure or get gas or air fluid. Wind compressor engines generally use electric motors, gasoline engines, or diesel engines as the driving force.

The wind compressor functions to take air or gas from the vicinity which will then be pressed inside the tube, then redistributed as compressed air.

• PUK Type
• Belt driven type
• Working pressure: 8 kg/cm2
• Maximum pressure: 10 kg/cm2
• 0.25 to 30HP (0.18 to 22 kW)
• Displacement: 56 to 3,805 l/min
• Suitable for continuous usage
• Picture shown: 1-3, 7.5 HP (0.75-2.2, 5.5 kW)

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